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Windows ir doors

The our goal is that we have the produce base its means  that we can offer for customer according to the individual orders armored doors (internal and external), garage doors, entrance doors and plastic windows and other structures.

Armored doors:

•   Apartment doors

•   Entrance doors

   Main entrance house doors


   Plastic windows

Customer Information:

1.  What do we need to know choosing the door? Choosing the door we have to understand and evaluate many different things: a) The door uses (outdoor or indoor); b) What are your customer’s requirements for doors (higher level of protection and sound insulation and thermal properties, or just the sound and heat insulation properties); c) What are the customer’s requirements for door decoration (design, materials, durability, etc..) d) Locks (made by, the advantages and disadvantages); e) The door model.

2.  How much cost JSC ,,Danica LT’’ doors? Door price is come from: depends on the size of doors, decoration, locks, installations place, and others. If you give us all this information, we will calculate the exact cost of the door. If not, we will arrive to the location and our master to help you. This is a free service. For more information, please call + 370 600 09941 or make an inquiry.

3. What is the difference between your selling security doors and other competitors? The main and most important difference is the construction of the door. The main two advantages compared to other manufacturers of doors: JSC ,,Danica LT’’ company door leaf is made of rectangular pipe, but not from bending steel sheet. Welded to the front sheet rectangular tube is stronger than the bending steel sheet profile type, which is almost impossible to deform, even when using hand-held tool (crowbar, screwdriver, etc.). The leaf is come unusually stable and are confirmed tests were carried out in specialized laboratories; total leaf thickness of 68 mm; Hinger attachment point – in forced 40 * 50 3mm thick steel plate, the hinges are protect from cutting and they are made from  the 10mm sized bars, is much different than other manufacturers nickel plated screw sequins.

4. What doors are better suited to your field, and what is different from your door to the other door? Exterior doors – this is probably the most complex product of an existing door. Exterior doors should be for many years, to keep the atmospheric, solar, wind, rain, cold, humidity, be mechanically stable and to protect the house. Exterior doors were once designed as exterior doors, and combines the best features required: – Excellent thermal insulation (1 K/m2 W *) and a good sound isolation (42 dB). They do have frost bridge – So not frost and fog up. Metal is used only to increase the mechanical strength of the door, – Most parts are made of plywood.

5. What is the RAL color palette? Among the manufacturers of paint, a variety of paint standards, which are produced in color. RAL color palette, this is probably the most common standard. The basic colors can be viewed online at but choosing a color at the Internet, you need to know that the colors on the screen is not always exactly match a paint color, it depends on your monitor settings. This is why we have the color-color catalogs that our employees can always show you.

6. Why the doors are little frost? When the indoor and outdoor temperature are so different, the door from the inside could to sweat. The main causes of poor ventilation and not enough heating. When the room is to little ventilated, the air increased a humidity. When they heated the air is bad keeping contain the moisture. In both cases, the door surface temperature drops below a certain threshold, otherwise known as the dew point, condensation will accumulate there.

7. What kind of locks your company installs your door?JSC “Danica LT company uses its own door leading manufacturers such as ASSA (Sweden), Nemef” NETHERLANDS (ASSA Corporation) MUL-T-LOCK (Israel), “MOTTURA (Italy), SECUREMME (Italy),” ABLOY “(Finland),” FIAM “(ITALY) locks. All of these locks has a quality and reliability. These were assessed in the laboratory and have the appropriate certificates.